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Boards123 is on a mission to reimagine the board of directors experience.

Our purpose is to help build diverse boards that deliver social, environmental and ethical impact. We achieve this through our easy to use board tools and training.

We believe that today’s boardroom experience is overly complex and focuses on non value-add administrative tasks. Our goal is to reduce the burden of corporate governance, in order to promote diverse, inclusive and high-performing boards.

The Boards123 dashboard empowers you to focus on the things that make your board develop, grow, inspire and create impact.

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What goals will you achieve

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Goal 1 - CHECK

Check your ESG score.

Goal 2 - MEASURE

Measure your own performance.

Goal 3 - CONNECT

Increase collaboration and communication in the ‘one-stop’ board dashboard.

Goal 4 - IMPROVE

Improve the quality (not quantity) of your corporate governance.


Be active and accountable for board goals – share progress – seek out impact zones.

Goal 6 - REPORT

One-Click reporting on your Social Impact.

Goal 7 - PLAN

Plan and build Board Diversity into your team.

Goal 8 - PERFORM

Empowers teams to top ‘norming’ and start ‘performing’.

Boards123 dashboard viewed on laptop

ESG’s - as easy as Boards123

Check Your Score
  • Login to your dashboard
  • Assess your ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance
  • Bits-Size results shown by pillar
  • See the metrics that matter
  • Check-out the Impact Zone for impact ideas
Set Board Goals
  • Build and track your goals
  • Link each goal to global ESG targets
  • Measure your performance
  • Build ESG and Sustainability into every Board Meetings
One Click Reports
  • Share your impact with Stakeholders and Funders
  • Demonstrate commitment to purpose and ESG’s
  • Improve transparency
  • Commit to a culture of purpose and impact


Women occupy 
just 20% of board seats globally.
The Multiplier Effect - Companies with women CEOs and female chairs have significantly more balanced boards than those run by men. Research also shows that adding one woman to the C-suite resulted in three women joining senior management roles.
20 Years
At this pace, the world will not reach parity until at least 2045, over twenty years from now.