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Based in Northern Ireland, Boards123 helps Boards of Directors navigate Board Meetings, Trustee duties and improve performance and impact.

It started with an idea.

Our Vision

Building diverse boards that deliver social, environmental and ethical impact.

Our Mission

We help companies build high-performing and diverse Boards of Directors.

Our Values

Transparent | Practical | Inclusive

We help Board of Directors navigate Board Meetings, Trustee duties and improve performance and impact.
What if we?
  • Demystify the boardroom
  • Train people on their board role
  • Build a tool to help boards manage their duties
Can we help?
  • Existing boards improve?
    New board members join boards?
    Build board diversity?
  • If we put it all together, can we build future leaders who represent the diversity of thought that is required to solve strategic issues?
  • This is why we built Boards123

Boards123 support boards on their journey to good governance and creating social, environmental and ethical  impact.

We built Boards123 as we believe they due to the increasing governance and compliance requirements on Boards of Directors, they are in need of tools to help build high-performance and diverse governance systems.

The Boards123 easy-to-use dashboard was designed in collaboration with the VCSE sector, but can be used equally by non-profit and for-profit boards of directors.


  • We believe everyone deserves a seat at the boardroom table, regardless of gender, age, social or educational background, ability or disability.
  • We believe humans are at their best when they are being creative and innovative.
  • We believe creativity and governance are not mutually exclusive.
  • We want people to be productive, not administrative.
  • We build innovative software products to alleviate the burden of governance and connect board members with their duties.