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Client Testimonials

Boards123 loves working with purpose driven boards and leaders.
“Excellent advice from Anne in connection with applying for board positions. Quick, friendly and informative advice. Thank you so much.”
Lynda Mahon
Operations Manager PIADs QUB
“It’s easy to underestimate the amount of work required to do things right. As a startup founder, I totally get that but I guess this came at me from left field. 3 months ago I had no idea I would be building a board anytime soon and here we are today with this amazing board of directors who have come together specifically for a great cause.”
Sarah Scullion
Community Calling Ltd
“Anne was great - we teased out many aspects of my work that she can help with. One of those that we're going to focus on is the management and prioritisation of the everyday tasks involved in running the organisation, and the larger term strategy and goals (with particular focus on fundraising). We are going to work together to create a strategy/plan to unlock potential of organisation, focusing on work planning and implementation.”
Clare Gormley
Belfast Photo Festival
“Helped me develop systems for approaching tasks and workload in a healthy and efficient way. Feel I can prioritise better and ow have a way to reflect on work completed and tasks ahead.”
Peter Heenan
Bruiser Theatre Company
“Helped in prioritising workload, managing multiple projects and streamlining operations in this busy period of festival preparation.”
Clare Gormley
Belfast Photo Festival
“Anne is helping me focus in on developing the strategies and develop ideas for revenue/opportunity increases.”
Cathy Scullion
Queen Street Studios

Some quotes from university students

“Boards123 training made me gain confidence in bringing ideas and suggestions to the table”
University Of Ulster Student
“I have learned the importance of preparing ahead of meetings and learn it is ok to give disclaimers.”
University Of Ulster Student
“Boards123 training allowed me to see myself in a meeting and what I could learn.”
University Of Ulster Student
“Provided beneficial and practical advice on how to increase confidence both in education and workplace scenarios.”
University Of Ulster Student
“I now have more information on how push myself more in a work environment.

I came away feeling more confident and excited to get to work with new ideas/tools. I felt it was perfectly pitched and exactly what we needed right now to help us move forward.”
University Of Ulster Student
“I think I will be more confident about speaking up in meetings.”
University Of Ulster Student