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Our price is £100 per month for our services, but if you are a non-profit we do offer a 50% discount.

Set-up your organisations digital dashboard in under 5 minutes.

Check your ESG score and create your ESG roadmap for sustainability and growth in a few clicks.

We currently allow unlimited users to join your dashboard, so it’s up to you how many people you invite onto the dashboard to contribute and support the board’s ESG journey.

You will also join our global ESG community and receive tips and tools to support your ESG goals.


  • One-Stop Board Management System
  • Meet your Regulatory Requirements
  • Reduce Corporate Governance Risks
  • Empower Board Members
  • Increase collaboration
  • Provide assurance to Stakeholders and Funders
  • Start your ESG journey
  • Bring ESG into the heart of the boardroom
  • Generate one-click ESG reports
  • Succession Planning for Impact and Purpose
  • Build Diversity, Equality and Inclusion into the boardroom
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