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Essential for tenders, supply chain reporting, stakeholder engagement and employee satisfaction.

  • Build your Social Impact strategy & goals
  • One-Click Social Impact reports
  • Deepen sustainability in the boardroom
  • Empower board members to achieve social impact goals
  • Enhance the flow of data to your board members and stakeholders
  • Boost decision-making discussion through real-world ESG impact data

Build your Social Impact strategy & goals

Regardless of your sector, from utilities to food production, from manufacturing to retail and beyond, you are expected to build social impact into your core business operations.

Boards123 can help you identify and report on how your for-profit and non-profit business builds social impact goals into your organisation.

One-Click Social Impact reports

Our digital dashboard tool is ideal for quickly setting-up and reporting your social impact strategy for tender opportunities.

Create your one-click report and attach it to your tender application. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Has your organization started to create social impact reports?

Boards123 makes it easy for each board to check, measure, track and share your ESG score.

  • Are you required to provide ESG performance data as part of your tenders and supply chain activities.
  • Do you understand how the board of directors plays a role in demonstrating and improving the impact score?

It’s time for all boardrooms to step-up and make difficult decisions for longer-term ESG benefits. Learn how your board of directors can drive sustainable change and improve ESG impact metrics for the organization.