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Get ahead of your next Corporate Governance Audits and Quality Certifications.

Demonstrate good governance through a digital audit trail.

  • Promoting Good Governance
  • Assurance for Funders & Stakeholders
  • The digital engine for your board meetings
  • Delivering real value to your business
  • Build transparency into every step of the boardroom experience
  • Enhance the flow of data to your board members and stakeholders

Promoting Good Governance

If a Board of Directors is performing, they will add significant value to the organisation.

If a Board of Directors is failing in its duty, the organisation will eventually fail also.

Assurance for Funders & Stakeholders

Good governance can be a considerable obstacle for third sector organisations. Many have suffered the consequences of poorly implemented governance procedures, for example, highly paid directors becoming viewed with contempt, insufficient procedures in place to deal with serious accusations against staff members or no financial transparency in place

Our Boards123 dashboard offers a trusted source of governance information for your organisations that will also guide you towards good governance.

This can only help in restoring the success and effectiveness of the organization, in turn benefiting those most in need of the assistance they provide.

Our Boards123 dashboard offers a trusted source of governance.

The first step to establish good governance is communication.

This requires all Board Members to speak up and be heard. Boards123 empowers boards to stop having bad board meetings and start making a positive impact.