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Bring your whole board together with the visual data tool provided by Boards123.

Gender and Diversity data is essential for investment and funding.

  • Instantly view your current gender balance
  • Spark board discussion on recruitment and succession planning
  • Diversity - Is your board pale, make and stale?
  • Equality - Are all board members created equal?
  • Inclusion - How are you adapting your board recruitment and onboarding practices to build an inclusive team?

How to Build A Diverse Board

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how to build diversity, equality and inclusion into the boardroom.

Whilst the value of diversity is accepted as an asset, boards struggle to make the necessary recruitment and selection decisions to implement changes at board and executive levels.

Boards123 supports CEO’s and boards through this often challenging process.

Learn how to build a diverse board with our bespoke ‘Build A Board’ framework.