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Discover your ESG Score

Boards123 digital dashboard connects board members to goals, environmental and social impact and inspires good governance, performance and diversity.

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Built for Boards of Directors

  • Connect your board members.
  • Simplify your corporate governance.
  • Start focusing on impact.
  • Track board sustainability and growth metrics.
  • The essential digital tool for nonprofits and for-profit organizations to create high-performance and high-impact teams.

What is Boards123?

Are you ready to start your ESG journey, Boards123
is your digital buddy to help you along the way.

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Boards123 improves board performance. 
We provide your Board of Directors with easy-to-use digital tools, templates and training.

Boards123 is your digital board buddy. 
Boards123 supports your board as you transition from old school ‘pale, male and stale boards’ into purpose driven, high-impact, diverse and high-performing boards.

Check Your ESG Score

Measure your environmental, social and governance scores and set goals to improve future performance scores.

Check Your ESG Score

Create Social Impact Reports

Essential for tenders, supply chain reporting, stakeholder engagement and employee satisfaction.

Create Social Impact Reports

Creating a high-impact board

Online team collaboration to achieve the vision, mission and purpose, set goals, share essential documents, promotes strategic discussions on impact zones.

Creating a High-Impact Board

Good Governance | Best Practices

Get ahead of your next Corporate Governance Audits and Quality Certifications.

Good Governance / Best Practice

Managing Board Performance

An easy-to-use annual board performance digital tool to measure to measure annual board performance and get feedback from board members on how to improve their experience. Essential for corporate governance.

Managing Board Performance

Build Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Build on your out of the box gender diversity scores. Essential for investment and funding.

Build Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Start Your Journey

Your digital home to create, track and report ESG goals.

The Boards123 platform supports all types of boards, from private companies and family businesses,
from co-operatives to credit unions, from non-profit arts organizations to sports clubs and everything in-between.

Learn more about how our Boards123 digital tools will support your impact journey.

Why ESGs Matter

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Why do board members need to learn the language and purpose of ESG’s and how does it map to reputational risk?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance goals. In ‘old money’ they may have been called CSR’s and you probably already have a good understanding of how your organization contributes to society, for example, environmental pollution, paying staff a fair and equitable wage, supporting communities through corporate sponsorship or volunteering activities. So, what’s the difference between CSR and ESG’s and why do you need to care about it?

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Shared Global Goals

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Did you know that you are probably already signed-up to a set of shared global goals and targets known as ‘UN SGD’s or United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’.

Created in 2020, all signatory countries track progress against these goals.

Boards123 is on a mission to support the UN SDG goals through our digital dashboard and workshops. If you are ready to drive purpose into your boardroom and align your board activities with global goals, then get started with Boards123 today.

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